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Offer Residents a Truly Dog Friendly Perk

Today, many people looking for a place to live are also looking for a place that is "pet-friendly." In fact, this may actually become a "make or break" condition when it comes to choosing an apartment or other multi-family place in which to live.

Offering a dog courtyard where the animals can play and enjoy the rest of the dog community is key for these residents. But, what kind of dog courtyard do you offer residents?

Do you Use Natural Grass in the Dog Courtyard?

Using natural grass may seem like the most practical solution; however, you should consider the impacts of weather and long-term usage.

  • Dogs track in what's on their paws so the hallways in your complex will be full of mud dust, hair, grass and more.

  • The grass will eventually wear, meaning it will have many bare spots from the dogs running and playing. Often, this leads to visible dirt tracks and ruts where the dogs frequently run and play.

  • Rainy weather leads to a muddy mess, making it an unattractive place for residents to gather with friends and others in the community.

This also means your maintenance team will be spending more time cleaning the carpets and elevators, handling complaints and maintaining a lawn that may never bounce back.

Using K9Grass in the Dog Courtyard

If you want to give your residents a truly pet-friendly place for their dogs, one that is realistic-looking, safe and sanitary, K9Grass is the right solution.

  • Always looks fresh and natural, no unwanted odors.

  • Low maintenance, meaning it is easy to clean and keep clean, simply spray it down and you're done!

  • No muddy paws means no mud tracked into the complex and pets stay cleaner.

  • Cushioned support that is easy on the dog's paws and joints (good for those senior pets).

When you compare K9Grass to other artificial turf options, we truly stand out.

  • The knitted flow-through backing offers 100% edge-to-edge drainage at a rate that is 100 times faster than your standard turf. This is truly a new standard for the industry!

  • Our proprietary design-eliminates the need for odor-causing infill, unlike some other artificial turf options.

  • AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology protects the yarn from stains and odors caused by microbes present in urine and feces. What's even better is the blades are infused with the safe, non-toxic additive during manufacturing so it lasts for the lifetime of the grass.

Learn more about two of our projects:

Photo Gallery

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Des Moines consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.


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