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PlayMounds: Fun, Safe, Natural Play

Create Natural Play with PlayMounds

The topography of your playground can be used to build in play value where it might otherwise not exist. Funserts offer a way to add visual interest for kids.

PlayMounds offer a way to build in natural play in a fun yet safe environment. PlayMounds are pre-fabricated foam mounds constructed from durable, long lasting closed cell EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) - PlayMounds, from Playground Grass by ForeverLawn, are made to last!

See how PlayMounds have been incorporated into these playgrounds.

Pawnee Prairie, Wichita, KS

Working with ForeverLawn Wichita, Playground Grass Extreme was installed. We then used a 6' velo slide for the hillside embankment slide on a 5' tall and approximately 20' wide custom built mound.

Dear Elementary, Richmond, MO

Dear Elementary, Richmond, MO

A 30" high mound was built into the playground and the kids went wild over it. The mound, built of foam and topped with Playground Grass, provides a soft area for kids to play on. It gives the kids a place to lay down and rest but not be totally flat on the ground.

Security Benefit Academy, Topeka, KS

Security Benefits Academy, Topeka, KS

The company provides on-site childcare for its associates' children and grandchildren. A playground was built to give the kids a space to play outdoors. We built a custom berm with a crawl tunnel in the 3- to 5-year-old playground for the children to crawl, climb, roll and slide on. They absolutely loved it! Read more about this playground.

Frisco Lake Park, Olathe, KS

Frisco Lake Park, Olathe, KS

Improvements to the park included a hillside slide built into a 4' x 20' x 25' mound surrounded by large boulders. In addition, natural climbing features were added along with a sand play area where rocks were laid.

Summit Park, Blue Ash, OH

Summit Park, Blue Ash, OH

The ForeverLawn Ohio team created a distinct playground attraction at the park by creating mounds that the kids could run, roll and play on. In the first two weeks the park was open, city cameras captured around 10,000 kids playing on the mounds! Read more about this playground.

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