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Spotlight: Dog Boarding Facilities

K9Grass is the ideal synthetic grass for all kinds of dog environments, such as boarding facilities.

  • No more cold concrete

  • No more holes causing accidents or injuries

  • No more dead patches or ruts where dogs routinely run

Drainable. Safe. Durable. Cleanable.

Spotlight on Hilltop Kennels

Hilltop Kennels, a boarding facility in Cedar Rapids, has indoor and outdoor runs and provides a safe, comfortable stay for pets.

We installed 936 sq. ft. of K9Grass Classic at the facility giving the dogs "grass year-round" to run and play on and providing a cushion for their joints and paws. It's also an alternative for dogs with grass allergies.

Spotlight on Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets, a retreat and spa for dogs in Kanawha, offers boarding services including a supervised off-leash play area.

We installed 1,080 sq. ft. of K9Grass Classic in the backyard of the facility helping them give dogs a stress-free, happy experience.

K9Grass Products

  • K9Grass Classic: The original pet-friendly grass. Durable, drainable, cleanable and antimicrobial.

  • K9Grass Lite: Lighter version of K9Grass Classic. Great for indoors or large areas


Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Des Moines consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.


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