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Bring the Game to Your Outdoor Space

Senior Living Center - putting green

Do you know golfers who just can't get enough of the game? Whether they are serious golfers or just like to hit the ball around, it's time to bring the game to your outdoor space!

5 Reasons to Add a Putting Green

  • Practice your short game in the comfort of your own space whether that is your backyard or a senior living area

  • Provide a fun entertainment venue for family and guests.

  • Practice all elements of the game without having to drive to the course.

  • Practice anytime - morning, noon or night.

  • Increase the value of a home or commercial space.

Artificial Turf Provides the Ultimate Putting Green Surface

  • Have a perfectly manicured putting surface, no hassle, minimal maintenance for you.

  • Add rough, fringe, fairway, bunkers or contoured and tiered greens to create the ultimate backyard putting green experience.

  • Delivers an authentic look and feel - almost like being at the course.

Create bunkers. Elevate parts of the space to create up and downhill action. Create a practice area that can also be a recreation area for entertaining.

The professionals at ForeverLawn Des Moines will help you design the ideal putting green to fit your space, style and budget.

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Our GolfGreen product line-up can provide you with a realistic play experience.

  • True Putt 10/11. The short, dense construction of this turf offers a smooth surface for a consistent ball roll, perfect for practicing precision putts.

  • EZ Putt. This entry-level putting green is a family favorite for the backyard. The medium pile height and average stimp speed are great for consistent putting..

  • Pro Putt & Chip. A taller, pile height allows for chip shots up to 10 yards, and the consistent putting surface has a stimp speed of 8 to 9 feet.

  • Pin Seeker. This sand-filled green is the perfect surface for both putting and longer approach shots.

  • Fringe. Add an attractive perimeter to your putting green with our lush, high performing fringe turf that has a realistic look and feel..

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Des Moines consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.

More GolfGreen Photos

Top photos and two photos below: Senior Living Center, using True Putt 10/11 with a fringe of First Cut and DuPont Select EL.

Senior Living center - putting green

Senior Living center - putting green

Photos below: Residence, using True Putt 10/11 with a trim of First Cut and DuPont Landscape Grass Select VR.

Residence - putting green

Residence - putting green

Photos below: Residence, using DuPont Landscape Grass HD and GolfGreens by ForeverLawn.

Residence - putting green

Residence - putting green


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