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Want a Beautiful Outdoor Space with Less Work?

Tired of Taking Care of Your Lawn?

Did you know that the average American spends 40 hours a year taking care of his or her lawn? It takes time and energy to maintain a beautiful lawn and caring for it is a year-round job.

In the spring, temps rise and your grass starts to grow. It's time to water, fertilize, mow and aerate. In the summertime, you're digging out weeds like those pesky dandelions plus you're still mowing and watering.

In the fall, there is still work to do. It's time to ensure your lawn is ready to survive the winter months. Fall is one of the best times to fertilize your lawn, replacing all of the nutrients lost from the soil during the hot summer months.

Naturally Beautiful Lawn Without the Hassle

Are you tired of year-round maintenance that may or may not result in a lush, green yard? You can use a lawn service, but that can get expensive. Why not consider the many advantages artificial turf offers you:

  • Green alternative because it reduces the use of excessive amounts of water.

  • Fertilizer is not needed, and most lawn care equipment can be eliminated.

  • Requires minimal maintenance,landscaping holds its manicured look year-round with limited time or cost involved.

  • Will not wear down in bare spots or bring about concern of grass stains on children's clothing.

  • No more muddy paw prints tracked in your home!

  • Adds softness to pool areas with color and comfort that is gentler on feet and easier on joints.

Synthetic grass can mean no more weeds, no worn paths where people walk, no mud when the weather is bad and no more difficult places to mow.

You deserve a naturally beautiful lawn without any of the hassle.

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Des Moines consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.

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