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Pirate Ship Theme Comes to Hollowview Park

Hollowview Park - Pirate Ship Theme Playground

Bettendorf, Iowa, has many high-quality parks and the city continuously works to maintain and improve them. The makeover at Hollowview Park added some very unique character to the playground.

In updating the park, the city and parks department wanted a themed playground. The team at ABCreative proposed a pirate ship. They brought ForeverLawn Des Moines in to help bring the concept to life. In the final design, the pirate ship play equipment appears to be floating in a blue ocean with waves lapping at the shoreline.

Playground Grass by ForeverLawn offered the flexibility in color and design that was needed. We installed:

  • Playground Grass Academy Florida Blue for the ocean.

  • Playground Grass Ultra for the shoreline.

  • Mulch for the beach.

Multicolored Playground Grass for Custom Designs

When you have a custom design in mind, we can help bring it to life. Playground Grass comes in a rainbow of colors making it easy to create unique designs,

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Des Moines consultant today at (515) 350-5868 for a free consultation and estimate!

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