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Parks & Playgrounds Love Playground Grass

Where have we installed Playground Grass?

Duncombe Elementary, Fort Dodge, IA

The Duncombe Elementary school had become dated so the School District decided to tear down the school and build a new state-of-the-art facility in its place. That included installation of premium artificial turf on the 4,323 sq. ft. playground. Playground Grass Extreme, which doesn't require infill, was chosen because of its natural look and affordability.

Charles David Hartman Memorial Park, Lee's Summit, MO

Playground Grass was installed on the embankment beside the slide. This is the first synthetic turf surface that has been put in any of the Lee's Summit parks. And, it has turned into another great play feature! Kids have great fun rolling and sliding down the hill. (Installed by ForeverLawn Kansas City.)

Sunflower Elementary, Ottawa, KS

Sunflower Elementary, a new school, had 10,500 sq. ft. of Playground Grass safety surfacing installed. This turf not only provides an ADA accessible play surface, it is a safe and durable surface for kids of all ages while providing another play experience on the playground. (Installed by ForeverLawn Kansas City.)

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