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Playground Topography: Fun for Kids

Topography is a natural asset to your playground. At ForeverLawn Des Moines, we strive to help our customers use it in a playground's design, adding visual interest and diverse activities that appeal to kids of all ages.

What are the benefits?

  • Grade level changes attract children, enabling them to stimulate themselves by running up and down or rolling around.

  • Topographical designs encourage children to explore what may be more physically challenging terrain.

  • Using the topography helps set your playground apart from others. In a community playground these features can encourage repeat use and the feeling of a new play environment with every visit.

Mounds and Funserts at Dear Elementary

A 30" high mound was built into the playground at Dear Elementary in Richmond, MO, and the kids went wild over it.

This mound, built of foam and topped with Playground Grass premium artificial turf, provides a soft area for the kids to play on.

"The kids love this. They can roll on it, sit on it, roll down, run up and down, and it gives them a place to lay down and rest but not be totally flat on the ground. I'd love to add another mound and more grass."

- Piper Peterson, Principal, Dear Elementary

Funserts were also part of the playground fun for the elementary school. These colorful, pre-designed inserts stand out from the artificial turf, adding excitement and fun to the playground. They enable you to maximize the playground by creating play value where there might not have been any.

Photo Credits: Some photos provided by Dear Elementary.

Using a Playground's Natural Topography

At the Charles David Hartman Memorial Park in Lee's Summit, MO, Playground Grass artificial turf was installed on the embankment beside the slide turning this area into another great play feature for the kids to run, roll and slide down the turf hill.

"Artificial turf, like Playground Grass, gives kids a soft surface to roll or slide down along with the fall protection required while also providing additional play value. Offering the ability to do custom mounds and berms sets us apart from other surfacing options."

- Austin Meyers, General Manager, ForeverLawn Kansas City

Berms and mounds can typically be added to most locations using a foam base, compacted baserock or by creating a series of retaining walls or stacked stone to create a hillside. These elements add visual interest and can be used with ramped play spaces to achieve higher deck heights.

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