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Stylin Paws Salon & Day Stay for your Dog!

We LOVE working with new businesses and had the opportunity to work with a new doggy spa opening in Clive, IA.

Stylin Paws Salon offers a Day Stay for dogs so a dog's comfort is top of mind for these folks. They chose to install K9Grass in the play area for several reasons:

  • K9Grass by ForeverLawn is designed specifically for dogs.

  • Its exclusive flow-through backing, short dense blade structure and antimicrobial protection means instant drainage and a cleaner, safer and better smelling environment.

  • The grass is non-toxic and 100% safe for dogs.

  • It offers a natural and realistic look and feel for the dogs. No playing on hard or rough surfaces such as cold concrete, gravel or mulch.

  • Its lush, green grass is not just attractive but stays green year-round.

  • No more dirty paws!

Not only that, but K9Grass offers the perfect foundation for a green, open area where you can add fun toys and "playground equipment" for the dogs to play on!

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Des Moines consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.

Day Stay Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Stylin Paws

Work-in-Progress Photo Gallery


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